Seminar mit Stefano Martinoli

A super great weekend with Stefano Martinoli is unfortunately over. On Friday, the beginners have worked with Stefano and can learn a lot and have to
On Saturday, the group A started. In this group also, I was with Pino. This day was also very heavy and all handlers have to learn a lot for the future
On Sonday, the group F started.
I believe that was detected on all 3 days that we all still have much to learn.

Stefano has with his professional manner explained everything to us and designed the tasks that they had to solve for all. Each team has got the time for it.
Even with the weather we were lucky. Although it was quite cold and on Saturday we had light rain, but it could have been worse.

I think and hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend. I look forward to the next training with Stefano in the summer of 2014.

For me, Stefano is a fantastic coach, as no one can read the dogs in no time. That’s why he can say exactly why a task can not be solved.(Is it the dog or the leader and what a mistake during training was done in the past?) He tells it not only, but proves every argument by showing it. The leader changes the points and just then the dog can solve the task.

Thank you very much Stefano for 3 wonderful days with you!
I would also like to say to the two hard-working helpers „Thank you“.
The Sigrid has all of Saturday and the Johann helped us all day Sunday. Thank you.


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